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University of Africa Toru-orua of Bayelsa state which is of 5 years of existence has a lot of Hard working, committed and steadfast Staffs as well as Brilliant, Talented and hardworking Students whose aim is to establish a better tomorrow with their Talents is holding an Event Titled (UAT Golden AWARD NIGHT) it is also double with The Most beautiful Girl in the School(UAT).

The Young Boss

Frank Kvngz, a student of the University of Africa Toru-orua, Faculty of Arts and Education from the department of Educational Management, a man with a Bright future and Big dreams is the Host of this wonderful event and he has made lot of proposals that will Benefit the Institution if this event is of success.

Contesters for the Most beautiful Girl 2022

The Event is holding Live on the 13th of May 2022 at Toru-orua Civil center. There are ten contesters fighting for the position of the most beautiful Girl in the institution of which virtual voting is on going till the 11th of May. It is also a wonderful medium to create awareness to the public and also invite everyone to this wonderful event.

Tickets for the Events are available to anyone who needs it. You can call on the following numbers for enquires and Reservation.

09128008932, 08160009439, 07041490599

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